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The internet changed the gambling industry forever. And the mass adoption of smartphones changed it again. The speed, choice and availability of gambling products anywhere, at any time, created a fantastic commercial opportunity which was swiftly targeted by innovation.

Yet the industry’s initial years of success have been followed by ever-increasing political and media attention. The challenge to shape what gambling will ultimately become is here, today. The industry needs to find a balance between providing an enjoyable entertainment experience for the millions who partake safely, whilst addressing the clear risks that a small percentage of players will experience.

Our role as the leading advisers to the global gambling industry’s elite requires us to understand national and international laws and regulations like no other practice. But also, we live and breathe in sync with the sector, as our entire team focuses on betting & gaming full time.

We’re trusted by our clients to help them get licensed, stay licensed, expand internationally, buy and sell businesses, protect their IP, protect their data, settle disputes, observe and shape the regulatory regime and to structure commercial relationships in innovative ways.

At our team’s core, though, is the part we are playing in guiding the industry down a sustainable and responsible, yet fruitful, path.

Legal and regulatory clarity are critical to effective decision making and, more than ever, the decisions the industry makes now will shape its future.

The services provided by Wiggin’s Gaming & Betting Practice is outstanding, the in-depth knowledge of the UK gaming market and ability to connect with legal advisers globally brings a service that can attend to almost any gaming related query. Without doubt the best UK gaming lawyers available.
Legal 500, 2023