HomeInsightsOfcom consults on proposal to update fees for Wireless Telegraphy Act licences

Ofcom is seeking views on updates to the fees for certain types of Wireless Telegraphy licences granted under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006.

The 2006 Act gives Ofcom powers to set licence fees at a level necessary to recover its costs or above this level where Ofcom considers it appropriate in light of its statutory duties.

Ofcom says that its proposed updates to the Regulations will serve to implement its published decisions affecting three licence classes. Ofcom intends to:

  • introduce new fee rates for Broadcasting “Restricted Service” licences: this follows Ofcom’s decision in July 2022 to make changes to the application process and to introduce a simplified fees regime for Restricted Service Licences;
  • implement the fee related to “Spectrum Access: EHF” licences: this follows Ofcom’s decision in October 2020 to introduce a new licence class “Spectrum Access: EHF” to enable simple, flexible access to over 32 GHz of spectrum in the 57–71 GHz and 100–200 GHz range; and
  • introduce a new class of licence called “Spectrum Access 3.9 GHz”: this follows Ofcom’s decision to align the terms of spectrum licences in the 3.4–3.8 GHz band; as part of that process, Ofcom will move the 3925–4009 MHz band into a new, separate licence called “Spectrum Access (3.9 GHz)”.

Ofcom is inviting comments on the proposals by 5pm on Monday 14 November 2022. Subject to responses, Ofcom intends to bring the updated regulations into force as soon as practicable. To access the proposal and for information on how to respond to the consultation, click here.