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Digital Reality (DxR) describes a new generation of digital technologies and content that assists, enhances and sometimes substitutes, or even challenges, our perception of reality. Digital Reality brings us deeply immersive experiences in the digital world and includes everything from virtual, augmented and mixed reality to mid-air haptics, 4D audio and beyond.

If you’re thinking about hosting a series of experiential live events, creating virtual reality vocational training, or perhaps you’re experimenting with augmented and virtual reality contemporary art, we’ve got the experience to help.

Our focus on media, technology and intellectual property positions us as the go to firm for clients in the digital world. We’ve got a long history of advising the creative sectors where innovative technologies and content meet. This means we’re uniquely qualified to help you address the legal challenges posed by immersive technologies and to help you consider new opportunities to engage with Digital Reality.

Our recent expertise includes providing regulatory advice to DxR businesses and creating and negotiating a suite of documents specifically designed to deal with the legal challenges thrown up by DxR innovations.

When you’re pushing the boundaries with new technologies, many of the challenges you face could be genuinely novel. We’re a future focused firm and members of our team have over 30 years’ experience advising some of the most innovative businesses in tech – that means where we’ve never seen something before, we have the expertise to devise new ways of dealing with it.

Tech can be complicated and when that’s combined with the law, it can become jargon overload – we’ll speak to you plainly so that you always understand our advice and pride ourselves in cutting through the noise to leave you with solutions that simply make sense.