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Ever wondered how Spotify got it so right with that disco playlist? Or how Google Maps knows you cycle on Mondays but walk on Fridays? AI of course.

The adoption of AI is now widespread across most industries. In many ways, that’s a good thing – because it increases efficiency and productivity. But it also brings challenges, from fake news, bots cheating the online gaming environment, and ethical and regulatory considerations surrounding profiling and automated decision making, to issues relating to who owns and can use AI-created solutions, and who should be liable for AI decision-making.

Our history lies in representing emerging and high-growth companies and doing deals that have never been done before. Since the beginnings of the AI revolution, we’ve been working with clients on the development, acquisition and commercialisation of innovative AI solutions, on the acquisition and exploitation of data in the AI environment, and on some of the knottiest intellectual property, liability and data protection issues that have emerged so far. Whatever you’re working on, we have the experience to help.

As the use of AI and machine learning increases, the regulatory landscape must adapt too. In the UK, the ICO and CMA are keeping a close eye on how AI and machine learning is being used in the digital marketplace and how it impacts consumer rights, data privacy, and competition. In conjunction with our expert team in Brussels, we provide accurate and responsive UK and EU regulatory advice for local and international clients, including assisting with regulatory investigations should the worst happen.

So whether you need an IP and commercialisation strategy for your natural language AI solution, or you need data protection compliance advice on your machine learning security platform, our breadth of expertise means that all of your AI needs are in safe hands, allowing you to focus on running your business.