Expertise Brand Protection

A strong brand secures your position in the global market. Faced with ever increasing choice and a proliferation of platforms and distribution channels, consumers rely on your brand as a badge of origin, quality and trust. We will work with you to ensure that these attributes are maintained and enhanced.

Creating and managing your trade mark portfolio is the first and most important step in protecting your brand. Our team works with large, established portfolios, and those at earlier stages of development, and delivers a quality of service that you would expect.

We have years of experience of working with well-known brands, and helping them to rationalise and streamline their activity. We also know what it takes to establish a new brand on solid foundations. In each case, we tailor our services to give you the best possible chance of realising full the commercial potential of your brand assets.

Once your brand is established and being proactively managed, you must ensure that you maintain its value by ensuring that it is fully protected from threats in the market-place. Our team covers the full range of services to help support your strategic business objectives:

  • trade mark prosecution,
  • contentious registry disputes and enforcement (including in an online context),
  • watching services,
  • litigation (using the full range of your IP),
  • preparing, negotiating and drafting a variety of commercial agreements (such as co-existence agreements, licences and assignments).

To fully protect your brand, you need to know who is using it and what your consumer is seeing. That’s why Wiggin created Incopro, our sister technology business that tracks the use of your brand online and enables you to protect your IP and your consumers.

If litigation is necessary and you need to know more about your target and the extent of the misuse of your brand, we work with investigators in multiple jurisdictions, including with the team of investigators at Incopro.

At its core, our approach is based on using commercial data and maintaining a real focus on promoting cost benefit analysis across all key portfolio decisions. This will help you to ensure that your brand is being used as a commercial tool to give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our genuine sector-focused approach also means that we understand the landscapes in which you operate.

Having a good knowledge of your strategic objectives and really ‘getting under the bonnet’ is something we see as part of the service. It allows us to tailor our service to suit your needs, and to deal with urgent situations successfully, as well as dealing with everyday queries efficiently.